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There are places in the Alps that are magical. There are fairy tales and fables, magical creatures and monsters, kings and princesses.
And there are, of course, ordinary people, like you and us, who walk streets of those timeless villages, and sometimes take an unknown path, which takes them to unexpected places.
It has happened to us many times.
Laura MacLem, the writer, breathed the fairy tales of her childhood and rewrote them, wondering what would happen if they happened in our time.
The King, the witch, the brave knight, the cruel monster, the ordinary girl, will meet and start a chain of dangerous events. Not only for them…
Serena Marina Marenco, the artist, has created the world where they move. Serena Marina Marenco, the artist, has created the world in which they move. She has reconstructed the typical villages and magnificent castles, the sinister masks of the Sardinian tradition and the crests that distinguish the nobility of that time.
This is a fantasy webcomic that, we hope, can show you all the magic that is found in those hidden paths, which sometimes lead to a castle … and always something unexpected.
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Welcome to the world of Path of Life and Stone!

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