The Girl, the Witch, the King, the Captain, the Cuckoo. The story begins…


There are paths you know. There are unknown paths. And there are hidden paths.
Lucia is sixteen, she’s not beautiful or special. She walks on the paths she knows, even if they all go in directions she hates. She has already learned that refusing to accept an ugly thing does not mean deleting it; and she has learned that she have to look for beautiful things, because they often hide in the most unexpected places. If only she could find beautiful things, in that remote village in the Alps where she is forced to spend her summer holidays!


Amelia is sixteen and special. She knows all the paths, she walks on the unknown ones and she crosses the hidden ones. Finding something beautiful is easy for her. No one can stop her once she has decided where to go. For this reason, in the time of Amelia, women capable of walking along those paths are called witches.
Lucia and Amelia have nothing in common, but their paths meet, they join, and the two girls, without even realizing it, become friends.
So what seemed to be a predictable path becomes a whole new path to follow together!
In Poggio di Sopra, the small village where Amelia lives and where Lucia has to spend her summer, very special things happen. Just a few steps away, and you’ll find yourself in a different place: a place where there is a town with exotic colors, a beautiful sea, and a magnificent castle.

The King

And there is a garden, surrounded by high walls and closed by a gate that only obeys its master: the King, who jealously guards his secrets. Whoever is able to enter the King’s garden can obtain Knowledge. An irresistible temptation for Amelia.
But temptations are forbidden.

The Cuckoo

An ancient prophecy hangs over the King. When the prophecy will come true, his time will end, and the time of Cuckoo will come. The Cuckoo is a parasite that is looking for the heart that can bring it to the right path. A path that, unfortunately, ends up coinciding with that of Lucia and Amelia… which in turn becomes the same as the King. A heartless king, designed to protect a petrified time. Not even the gods, by now, can help men.

But, perhaps, the Snake can.

The witches say: “Snakes are not treacherous. Eden is not paradise: it is ignorance. The man was a toy for the fun of the gods, and the gods wanted it to stay that way. But the Snake, the Spiral who rises from the earth along the tree of life to reap its fruits, put in man’s hands the first knowledge, the most important: the knowledge of himself. The man stopped being the toy of the gods and became sentient.”

The Captain

The Captain knows it. There is him at the end of that path. And he waits for the Cuckoo, to take his revenge. 



There are paths so unknown that, perhaps, not even witches can travel. That is why there are people who are not special: to do what those who are special are not able to do.


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