The Captain


“Well.” Said the man, with a voice between angry and amused. “Well, well, well.”
He gave a pinch to the man in the pillory, as if they were great friends.
“Thus, even a rogue like you can serve our King, huh?”
He did not wait for an answer – not that the prisoner would dare to answer – and returned to talk to the girls.

[Path of life and stone, Chapter 2]

“There were the Lanzichenecchi. They brought war and plague. They sacked villages and farms. They used to chip good peasants, loyal subjects. Men and women who deserved to live, and who were only heads stuck on top of poles. I had to wait until the farm stopped burning to bury my father and brothers.”


The Captain is (surely) captain of the King’s guards, his most trusted man, best friend and keeper of all his secrets. He is much more extrovert and companion than his king; but even behind his smile he hides a steel soul.
Of poor origin, it made the King’s sister fall in love with him. She was his promised bride, but…

Excellent fighter, he has a horse capable of galloping even in the swamps, a sword capable of cutting even the air, a cloak that makes intangible: and if the Captain does not want to be recognized, you can’t recognize him even if you know him for a lifetime.
He has a pending account with the Lanzichenecchi.
And with the Cuckoo, of course.

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